How To Gain Healthy Weight If You Are Underweight

Being slim and smart is everyone’s dream, but if you are underweight and much skinny, then It should be something taken into a consideration. Following these tips will definitely help you to gain a healthy weight.

* Eat protein (eggs, red meat, kidney beans) & carbohydrate rich foods (rice, whole wheat bread, pasta, potatoes).

* Use ghee (clarified butter) for cooking instead of vegetable oil.

* Enjoy your favourite foods like lasagna, pizza and sandwiches with lots of cheese as it helps in gaining the weight due to high fat and calorie content.

* Add condiments to your food to make it more delicious and to consume larger amounts.

* Add cream to your coffee or tea.

* Drink mango, banana or date shake 2 times a day.

* Munch dry fruits and nuts as they are high in calories.

* Soak some dried figs and raisins overnight and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning. You will see drastic changes within a month.

* Take a bowl of granola in the breakfast as it has enough nuts, oats, sugar and healthy fats which are sufficient for increasing body weight. Add some fruits, yogurt and honey to make it tastier.

* Keep involved in physical activity as it boosts metabolism and increases appetite.

* Last but not the least, de-stress and have quality sleep.


• Never eat fruits on an empty stomach as it will cause weight loss.
• Do not drink water or fluids before meals as it will decrease your appetite.
• Consult your doctor to make sure you are not suffering from some chronic medical condition or illness.


– Stoori

Beautiful Hair, Requires A Lot Of Care

Beautiful hair is the core of a charismatic personality as it is said:
“Invest in your hair, as it is the crown you never take off.” Therefore, special care should be taken to keep the hair healthy, long and strong.

Below are the few tips which should be followed to keep the hair healthy
and to prevent it from extra damage:

1) Start from the inside i.e. By eating protein rich foods.

2) Oil your hair half an hour before washing to maintain the moisture of
the hair and scalp.

3) Always wash your hair with a good protein shampoo to promote hair growth
and volume. Do not shampoo more than 2-3 times a week.

4) Finish your shower with a cool rinse to help seal the cuticle and strengthen the hair.

5) Dry your hair with a quick dry towel instead of drying it with a hair dryer as the use of heating tools can cause serious damage to the hair.

6) Use a wide tooth comb or finger comb to untangle when hair is dry.

7) Get frequent trims to get rid of split ends.

8) Sleep on a silk pillowcase. It helps avoid tangles and breakage.

Beautiful hair

– Stoori

Why Do I Write?

A common question that is asked from many authors is: “Why do you write?” Or “What caused you to write?”

Allah has blessed every human-being with a unique talent. What it takes is only for a person to realize how and when to put it to work.

I realized my power of writing as a poet at the tender age of 5 when i wrote my very first poem for my mother.

My second poem was about my school.

Observing different situations, fantasizing and experiencing different things throughout my life pushed the writer in me to document it into a piece of writing or an art.

I love to write because i find it an excellent medium for expressing my views, my thinking, my feelings and find it a great opportunity to share knowledge and convey my message to the people.


– Stoori

Aging And Preventive Measures

With the passing days and years, one gets very concerned about aging and search for a variety of products and treatments to protect their skin from looking older.

Due to the continuous use of water, soaps, face and body washes, hand sanitizers, exfoliators, and exposure to different environmental conditions, the skin may tend to age faster than the actual time. So, the sooner you begin following a healthy lifestyle and caring properly for your skin, the healthier your skin will be.

Here are some skin care tips to protect your skin from aging fast.

1. Always use mild & moisturizing soaps, face, hand and body washes.

2. Moisturize your skin immediately after washing and after taking shower. This will help in locking up the moisture inside your skin and will prevent your skin from drying out and aging. Aloe has best anti-aging and moisturizing properties. You can make your own rich aloe moisturizer at home.

For this you’ll need 100% pure aloe vera gel (pure aloe vera can be purchased at any health food store or pharmacy) , good quality oil (sweet almond and mineral oil work well) and scented oil (optional for added scent) .

Add 1 tsp. sweet almond oil or mineral oil to the aloe vera gel. Add a drop or two of scented oil if you want a scented cream. Mix the aloe vera and oil well and apply it all over your face and body.

3. Apply a good quality anti-oxidant in the morning and a gentle retinol cream at night.

4. Exposure to the sun reduces skin thickness, collagen and elasticity so reapply a good quality sunscreen on your face, neck and hands as much as you can whenever you are outside.

Great basic care and preventive measures will surely slow down the aging process and your skin will appear smooth and fresh.



Love And Marriage In Islam

In this modern era, it is very important to guide our Muslim generation about the sacredness and importance of love and marriage in Islam.
As it is stated in the Holy Quran, Allah created everything in pairs:

“Exalted is He who created all pairs, from what the earth grows and from themselves and from what they do not know.” (Surah Yaseen, Verse:36)

One cannot deny the importance of love & marriage as it is from the fitrah and also, it’s a sunnah. Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said: “There is no monasticism in Islam.”

In another hadith, it is quoted: “That person who turns away from my sunnah is not from me.”

Purpose of marriage:

The question arises; why a peron has to marry? It is important for the following reasons:

1) To stay away from sinning.
2)To complete half of our deen.
3) To have children.
4)To achieve peace And tranquility.
5) For the natural desire of love & companionship.

Criteria for marriage:

A person may be married for four reasons i.e wealth, lineage, beauty and deen. One should always give priority to the deen because wealth may become a trial, lineage and beauty cannot save a peron while deen is the sole purpose of life.

It is said in a hadith: “When the one whom you are pleased with his deen and his manners comes to you seeking your daughter in marriage, marry her; otherwise, fitnah and great corruption will become rampant on earth” (Tirmidhi & Ibn-e-Majah)

So, two things should mainly be considered in a person for marriage; deen and kuff (compatibilty).

Process of marriage:

A point that should strickly be considered is that the teachings of the Shariah should be followed during the whole process of marriage. Advice from the righteous people and inquiry should be done in order to avoid any doubtful condition and last but not the least, duas and istikhara should be performed.

Two extremes:
1. Love Marriage.
2. Completely Arranged.

Marriage is process in which two families link together. That’s why this point should be kept in mind before choosing a person that it should not only be a choice of two persons but also the families so that there may be barakah in the marriage.Secondly, Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) himself advised that the prospective spouses should see each other before marriage as it creates love between the two so, the concept of totally arranged marriage, where the two are not even familier with each other should not be followed.

When to get married?

There are several conditions that may be considered while proceeding to get married as the physical, financial and psycological conditions may deeply effect the marriage.

Marriage becomes obligatory when a person is certain  of committing a sin, wajib when fears committing a sin. It is emphasized sunnah (sunnah al-muakkadah) when there is no fear of sinning and can afford a wife, is prohibitively disliked (makruh-e-tehreemi) when one fears being unjust to the spouse and it is unlawful when one is certain of being unjust to the spouse.

Consummating Nikah:

1. The best time is a Friday after the ‘Asr prayer in the masjid.
2. Scholars and other pious people should be invited to gain the blessing of their presence and their du’as along with the blessing of Friday and the masjid.
3. The nikah should be performed by a pious person.
4. The marriage payment [dowry or mahr] should be stipulated beforehand and the person performing the ceremony should be informed of the amount.
5. The bride should preferably send a wali (her father, uncle, brother or any such elder) to represent her.
6. When the bride grants her wali [representative] the permission to marry her to the groom, it is preferable to have two people (from among her mahrams) to witness this also.
7. The sunnah khutba [sermon] will be recited first by the imam performing the marriage.
8. It is then sunnah the next day or the day after once the couple have consummated their marriage or entered into privacy together to provide a walima reception.

May Allah guide us all to lead our lives accordng to the teachings of Shariah (Aameen).



Lessons From Stories Of The Prophets


* No calamity lasts forever: One of the lessons that we learn from stories of the Prophets is that no trial, no calamity lasts forever. It may take several years, but at last the person is relieved. This is what Allah has promised to the believers.

* Patience: Patience was one of the prominent attributes of all the Prophets. Prophet Ayub’s (as) story is the best example of this. So if a calamity befalls a believer, he remains patient.

* Supplication, a powerful weapon: When Prophet Adam(as) got expelled from Paradise, he made dua for his forgiveness for about 40 years. When Prophet Ayub (as) was tested through illness, he supplicated. When Prophet Yunus (as) got trapped in the belly of whale, he supplicated. It took many years but dua of all the Prophets who faced calamity was answered. So a believer never loses hope in the mercy of Allah and keeps supplicating.

* Taqwa (righteousness) : The story of Prophet Yusuf (as) gives us a lesson of fearing Allah and holding onto Allah whatever circumstances it maybe. It also gives us a deep lesson that taqwa is NOT gender based.
Prophet Yusuf’s (as) story also teaches us that a person only rises in status due to fear of Allah and not due to looks.


– Stoori

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