Book Review: Friends Of A Different Kind

“Friends of a different kind” is a rhyming children’s book written by Nayera Salam and published by Prolance publishing.

The book is about a dog named “Chocolate Chum” who has different kind of animals and human friends. The animals he has befriended belongs to various breeds, species and colors. He consider himself a very lucky dog due to his diverse group of friends.

This book is ideal for teaching the young children the importance of diversity and for eliminating racism.

Furthermore, it has interesting crossword puzzle, fill in the missing letters, word search, coloring activity and match the breed activities at the end which will sharpen the mind of the children.

So, what else a child needs? I would totally recommended buying it for your young ones.


– Stoori

Book Review: Did Musa ST-ST- Stutter Too?

“Did Musa ST-ST-Stutter too?” is a motivational children’s book written by Keila Kaci and published by Prolance publishing.

This poetry book revolves around a child named Ibrahimi who makes an excuse to hide from school due to his speech problem. Ibrahimi has to present a speech in front of his whole class but, he is afraid to go to school because he thinks all his class fellows will make fun of him while he stutters during the speech.

His mother, being a wise woman, understands the whole situation and starts to tell him how our Nabi Musa (Prophet Moses) stuttered too but, he was given such a high rank by God. Not only this, but people used to follow his commands.

She further explains that Musa was also given physical strength but, he is known for his call to Allah by his speech.

She also teaches him to recite the dua (supplication) that Musa used to pray.

I love how this book conveys a vast message.

1) A wise and well-educated mother (both religiously and wordly) is very important for the good upbringing of children. A child may have a physical or mental disability but, only a good mother can make a successful person out of him/her.

2) Any person , whether a child or an adult, should never make fun of someone’s disability. Instead, they should encourage the person to do better. Children should be advised to be kind and considerate to their class mates.

3) A disability is not a punishment from Allah, it’s a test and blessed is the one who passes this test through patience.

So, you must know by now, how important is this book for your kid’s bookshelf? 😊


– Stoori

How To Have A Sound Sleep

People in this new era are having a hard time to sleep peacefully, specially at night even after the amount of household work they handle or the long tiring jobs that they do during the day time. I’ve seen many people being worried due to this problem.

Poor sleep may be due to many reasons including the excess use of mobile phones and social media at night, various thoughts about future running through their minds, insomnia or a restless sleeping environment.

Improper sleep or sleep deprivation may lead to various and sometimes, serious health issues which may hinder the ability to think and perform properly through the daily routines. That’s why, having a sound sleep is very important for the health and to perform the daily tasks properly. Here I will give you some tips to avoid distractions and to improve your sleep.

1) A neat and cosy bedroom is an important step in tackling sleep issues. Haphazard or noisy surroundings have a great effect on sleep. The senses are calmed when it’s in a peaceful environment so, make sure your sleeping area is well organized.

2) Turn off the TV, the lights and put away the mobile phone at least an hour before sleeping.

3) Advice the family members/roommates to avoid chatting in the same room where you sleep.

4) Let yourself and your mind relax. Ward off any unnecessary thoughts running through your mind.

5) An essential oil diffuser specifically that of lavender would prove to be an icing on the cake. Alternatively, lavender scented pillowcases are also available for this purpose.

Following these tips, you will be amazed how the quality of your sleep will improve and you will achieve a sound sleep without worrying about it any further.

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– Stoori

Book Review: My First Muslim Potty Book

“My first Muslim Potty book” is an educational children’s book perfectly rhymed and written by Yousfa Janjua, beautifully illustrated by Golnar Servatian, and published by Prolance publishing.

bookphoto 2

In this book, the mother beautifully explains how the child was once a crawling baby but, now he has grown up and need to learn how to use the washroom by himself. Though, the parents will be there for him to help through the process.

I really liked this book. The first thing that caught my attention was its title. Then, when I read the book, I extremely appreciated the author for explaining the whole thing in such a poetic, interesting and sagacious way. Such educational books are very important for our generation so that they may be brought up properly.

The book even contains Islamic terms and duas (supplications) for children to teach them the process of “tahaara” (purity) in the light of religion.

I must say that it’s important to purchase this book for your growing children no matter which religion you follow. Every religion teaches purity 🙂

book photo 3

– Stoori

Book Review: Paradise Is Oh So Nice

“Paradise Is Oh So Nice” is a children’s book written by Halimah Bashir and published by Prolance publishing.

This book describes the bounties of Paradise in a poetic way. As the mother is about to put her children to sleep, they insists to describe Paradise (jannah) in detail to them. The mother then begins to tell them that it will be a place where there will be no grief with gardens of milk & honey rivers.

The children innocently inquires about their weird fantasies that whether they can get trees of kebabs or giant strawberry milkshakes if they wish? And the mother answers with a smile that they may get WHATEVER they wish in the Paradise.

The beauty of this book is that it will instill the love of gaining Paradise in the hearts of children, they will abstain from doing bad deeds and strive to do every good deed that will clear their path to Paradise.

This book is available in two versions i.e. an Islamic version which includes a Quranic verses finding activity at the end and a general version. Also, a concise song (poem) further describing the importance of Paradise.

It’s a really good book for the moral development of children and a must to be added in the book collection.


– Stoori


Check out my new short story (fiction) written exclusively for the competition of Write Right. Your comments and feedback regarding it will be highly appreciated 🙂

Write Right

It was a dark night of winter. The sky was full of stars. Despite of the cool breeze blowing, Harith was sitting on the grass in front of his house, as gloomy and cold as the night!

He was reading the last text sent by his fiancee again and again, who eventually announced to break their engagement due to his habits.

When Ghazala got engaged to Harith, she had no idea about his habits, except that he was a good looking and rich guy who was chosen by her parents for her bright future. Being a handsome guy, she was attracted to him the moment she saw his photo while Harith saw Ghazala at a relative’s wedding and he was smitten by her personality; a mixture of being confident, shy, bubbly and pretty.

Ghazala trusted her parents’ decision, so there was no hurdle in this engagement.

As soon as they…

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Book Review: Believe

“Believe” is a concise self-development book published by Prolance publishing.

The author “A.E” who chose to remain anonymous compiled the do’s and don’ts from the 114 chapters of the Holy Quran for personal use, but then thought to publish a book for others to benefit from it.

The book is divided into four chapters, extracting the do’s and don’ts of worship, character, giving & taking, relationships, and eating & dressing, along with notebook pages for making your own notes.

This book is ideal for everyone, but specially children and teenagers for learning the etiquettes of living mentioned in the Holy Quran as it is precise and easily understandable. I would totally recommend this book to be added to your reading list.


– Stoori

Book Review: I’m Full Truth, I’m Half Truth, I’m All Lie

“I’m full truth, I’m half truth, I’m all lie” is a children’s book written by Ayesha Marfani and published by Crimson Cloak Publishing.

The story is about 3 cousins Saad, Hassan & Talha whose fathers had abandoned city life and live in a forest, far from the people’s eye because of their strange & weird looks.

The three cousins have a bad habit. Saad being used to lie in every situation, Hassan habitual of mixing truths with lies while Talha is brutally honest.

They are proud of their habits until one day, they face a huge problem due to their habits.

Moreover, being cut out from social life, the three cousins have no idea how to respond and act in a certain situation and this make their fathers realize their mistake.

I really liked the messages that this story conveys.

Firstly, people should not cast weird glances and gossip about someone’s look as all creatures are created by God and this type of behavior is against social etiquettes.

Secondly, it has an advice to the victims that they shouldn’t abandon their normal lives due to the sick mentality of some people as it may really negatively affect their family life.

Thirdly, it teaches the children that one should never tell a lie or merge truth with lies. One must be honest, but care should be taken that their truth and honesty doesn’t contain un-necessary blame & shame which may result in hurting other feelings.


– Stoori

E-Book: The Sealed Fate

Zara's Inspirations

What would you do if the most handsome guy of your university asks for your hand in marriage? Will you feel elated and say yes? Or will you hold back due to your doubts of his piousness? Ajlal opted for the latter choice. Zaafir’s intelligence or looks weren’t sufficient to impress her as the young Muslimah sought someone who took religion seriously. But, a few years down the road, her heart softened towards him. Want to know what was it that sealed their fates? Read this short story by Stoori to find out!

It is beautifully scripted around a young muslim woman who is headstrong in her approach towards her religion, leaving everyone astounded with her rejection to befriend the most desireable boy in university. It also depicts how what meets the eye in terms of a person’s character, may not be entirely true. You may not pay heed to…

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