Book Review: Young Sherlock Holmes And John Whiskers

I consider myself lucky that I found this children’s book “Young Sherlock Holmes and John Whiskers” , written by I.Ashmawey and published by Prolance for review.

The story starts with John Whiskers, a stuffed cat who narrates that how young Sherlock Holmes became talk of the town, in fact famous in the whole world!

The family of young Sherlock is about to shift and he is worried that he won’t be able to make new friends due to his shy, strange and weird nature but, John assures him that soon he will win the hearts of other children in the new school.

Young Sherlock, however becomes a laughing stock when his teacher asks him about what he does and he replies with “solving the cases.”

Meanwhile, the teacher notices that the homework sheets of all the students has disappeared, astonishingly…

Young Sherlock decides to take the matter in his own hands with the help of his pet cat.

Will he be able to solve the case and make new friends?
Read the book to find out 🙂

What really attracted me towards this book is the fact that it’s a mystery/detective story.

I was very found of detective stories since childhood and still I’m. I found it exciting that I am going to promote something that will sharpen the minds of little children and teach them how to solve a mystery step by step through clues and hints. So, don’t forget to get a copy for your little ones.


– Stoori

A Miraculous Help

Ella hardly saved her life, but now she was lost, standing in the middle of a jungle!

Ella was a 6 years old, jolly and lovely girl. She was the only daughter of her parents.

Her father, Kalmin was a lawyer. He was handling the case of a poor vendor who was killed in a car accident by a bureaucrat. The fault was entirely of the latter, but his connections and money were proving a hurdle for the vendor’s family who were fighting for justice.

On Thursday morning, Ella requested her dad to take her out at night to buy her favourite chocolate chip ice-cream. Kalmin loved his daughter very much and never refused her demands. So, he told Ella to be ready when he returns from the court.

Ella was very excited. She asked her mom to take out her favourite baby pink frock from the closet. She paired it with matching stockings and got ready before her father arrived.

Kalmin was happy to see her ready. He advised his wife not to open the door until he called and left with Ella.

Just as they were returning from the ice-cream shop, there was a sound of firing. Suddenly, a bullet hit Kalmin and he fell on the ground. The sound of firing stopped.

Ella screamed with grief and fear. She kneeled down to hold her father and started crying.

Her father insisted her to run away as she could be the next target. Ella didn’t want to leave her father alone, but Kalmin pleaded. Right, at that moment, Ella saw two men wearing masks running towards her. She had no choice but to run away.

Ella kept on running until the sound of footsteps behind her could no more be heard. She was successful in dodging the men.

Ella was exhausted running continuously. She stopped and
looked around. It was quite dark and the trees were looking terrifying, spreading it’s branches.

She just realized, that she lost her way and she was in a jungle. She had no idea of the way back. Also, she could not take a risk. So, she decided to keep moving forward.

Suddenly, she stopped. A strange creature had appeared from behind the bushes and it was extending it’s hand towards her. She was terrified at first, but then she saw a friendly look on the creature’s face.She extended her hand for a handshake and asked: “Who are you?”

“A Jinn.” He replied.

Ella pulled her hand back in fear.

“Don’t worry. I am your friend.” The Jinn replied with a soft tone and Ella felt much better.

“I know. Your father has been shot by the killers hired by a bureaucrat. But don’t worry, he is safe and taken to hospital in an ambulance. Come with me, I’ll take you out of the jungle safely.”

Ella’s tears started to flow in gratitude. She was thankful to the Jinn and especially to God, for helping her in a miraculous way.


– Stoori


Check out my new short story (fiction) written exclusively for the competition of Write Right. Your comments and feedback regarding it will be highly appreciated 🙂

Write Right

It was a dark night of winter. The sky was full of stars. Despite of the cool breeze blowing, Harith was sitting on the grass in front of his house, as gloomy and cold as the night!

He was reading the last text sent by his fiancee again and again, who eventually announced to break their engagement due to his habits.

When Ghazala got engaged to Harith, she had no idea about his habits, except that he was a good looking and rich guy who was chosen by her parents for her bright future. Being a handsome guy, she was attracted to him the moment she saw his photo while Harith saw Ghazala at a relative’s wedding and he was smitten by her personality; a mixture of being confident, shy, bubbly and pretty.

Ghazala trusted her parents’ decision, so there was no hurdle in this engagement.

As soon as they…

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Book Review: I’m Full Truth, I’m Half Truth, I’m All Lie

“I’m full truth, I’m half truth, I’m all lie” is a children’s book written by Ayesha Marfani and published by Crimson Cloak Publishing.

The story is about 3 cousins Saad, Hassan & Talha whose fathers had abandoned city life and live in a forest, far from the people’s eye because of their strange & weird looks.

The three cousins have a bad habit. Saad being used to lie in every situation, Hassan habitual of mixing truths with lies while Talha is brutally honest.

They are proud of their habits until one day, they face a huge problem due to their habits.

Moreover, being cut out from social life, the three cousins have no idea how to respond and act in a certain situation and this make their fathers realize their mistake.

I really liked the messages that this story conveys.

Firstly, people should not cast weird glances and gossip about someone’s look as all creatures are created by God and this type of behavior is against social etiquettes.

Secondly, it has an advice to the victims that they shouldn’t abandon their normal lives due to the sick mentality of some people as it may really negatively affect their family life.

Thirdly, it teaches the children that one should never tell a lie or merge truth with lies. One must be honest, but care should be taken that their truth and honesty doesn’t contain un-necessary blame & shame which may result in hurting other feelings.


– Stoori

E-Book: The Sealed Fate

Zara's Inspirations

What would you do if the most handsome guy of your university asks for your hand in marriage? Will you feel elated and say yes? Or will you hold back due to your doubts of his piousness? Ajlal opted for the latter choice. Zaafir’s intelligence or looks weren’t sufficient to impress her as the young Muslimah sought someone who took religion seriously. But, a few years down the road, her heart softened towards him. Want to know what was it that sealed their fates? Read this short story by Stoori to find out!

It is beautifully scripted around a young muslim woman who is headstrong in her approach towards her religion, leaving everyone astounded with her rejection to befriend the most desireable boy in university. It also depicts how what meets the eye in terms of a person’s character, may not be entirely true. You may not pay heed to…

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Book Review: Miss Never Pleased

“Miss Never Pleased” is a children’s moral story book written by Ayesha Marfani and published by Crimson Cloak Publishing.

The main character of the story is Habiba, who calls herself “Miss Perfect” due to the praise she keeps hearing from her mother followed by other family members because of her good looks, responsible nature and great academic performance.

Everyone listens to her advice despite of being older than her and act upon it.

But the problem is that her “perfect” advice which she thinks is beneficial for others is actually full of criticism, pinpointing and only create problems between people. She keeps noting the incidents of her “perfection” in her diary named “Miss Perfect” until she realizes that she lost the trust of everyone due to her proud, jealous and fault finding nature. No one listens to her advice now and her grades start suffering badly.

The day she finds a secret poem written by the people who endured her becomes a turning point in her life.

© Miss Never Pleased_ by Ayesha Marfani

I really enjoyed reading this book and would totally recommend it as it has a lesson for everyone.

For Children:

It will teach the children that they should never be proud and should be humble despite having exceptional qualities as it will displease the Creator and it would not take much longer that their condition is changed!

It also teaches children that they shouldn’t be jealous of the qualities possessed by others and should not break friendships due to their jealousy.

For Elders:

This book also conveys a special message to the elders that they must not spoil their children to such an extent that they become too proud and insensitive to the feelings of others.

For Readers As A Whole:

Never break ties due to gossips until you know the reality yourself because some people only wish bad for others. Also, use your brain while acting upon someone’s advice.

Miss Never Pleased

– Stoori