Contest Winners for World Hijab Day!

Lilac Prose

Hello! Hello! I hope you are having an awesome day (or night depending on where you are =D)!

Like many other Hijabis out there, I celebrated World Hijab Day by sharing my hijab story with all of you on my blog. I also collaborated with the hijab brand Hidden Pearls (I reviewed their scarves a little while back here) for a Facebook centric Hijab Day contest asking Hijabis their stories.

Lilac Prose World Hijab Day Contest Winners 3.pngI received a wonderful response and I am so touched by all the stories I’ve received. Thank you so much for sharing your hijab stories with me!

As promised, following are the names of the three winners who will receive a giveaway real soon In’sha’Allah!

Lilac Prose World Hijab Day Contest Winners.png

Congratulations! Please email your name, contact number and address at Until next time…cheers!

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“Hidden Pearls” Hijabs Review

A few days back, I received the hijabs from the owner of “Hidden Pearls” which are sent to me for an honest review. She was kind enough to ask me whether I adored any specific type of hijabs? As I like the ones with a greater width, she sent me a violet chiffon and an olive green crinkle hijab, which are perfect for wearing in this hot weather and broad enough to cover the shoulders and face as well.


Niqab is my choice
Jannah is my aim
Islam is my voice
I don’t care for fame.
Mohammad is my guide
Hadith is my say
By his rules I abide
Sunnah is my way.

© Stoori

“Hidden Pearls” has a variety of excellent quality hijabs to offer, whether it be crinkle, chiffon, jersey, silk, simple, floral, glitter or shimmer, multi tone, the miniature hijabs or the ones with a greater width.

If you are a person who adores underscarves and loves to use beautiful hijab pins, then “Hidden Pearls” is definitely your one stop shop.

Above of all, it also offers international shipping with a beautiful packaging which is ideal for gifting to someone you adore whether living within the UK or outside the country 🙂


In addition to it, “Hijab Pearls” also deals in a variety of Islamic gift boxes, i.e. a regular box and a deluxe box. The deluxe box contains some extra items than the regular box.

To discover the awesome variety, kindly browse through their website 😉

– Stoori