Blessed (or Black) Friday Gift Guide

It’s the end of the year! With the arrival of lots of occasions and holidays, all we can see is blessed (or black) Friday sales as we open the internet. After all, what is better than buying something in discount for yourself or for gifting purpose? Having sale on almost everything we see makes it difficult to choose, specially when you want to buy a gift for someone. So, I decided to make a concise and unique gift guide for you to get benefited from.

1: What Is Better Than A Book!

I love to write and buy books so, the first thing you should expect from me is a book recommendation 🙂
After all, the best way to get lost in another world and get entertained is a book. As you may be aware, I just published a new Sci-Fi/ Detective/Crime book i.e. “The Mysterious Case of Zumba” , you should definitely consider reading or gifting it if you are a lover of the stated genres. The physical copy can be ordered through the contact section of my website or as an e-book from this website.


2: A Unique Card Holder

Of course, being a shopaholic, who doesn’t love to place their credit cards in a stylish card holder? I found “Michael Louis Python Classic Card Holder” really appealing and I would definitely recommend to avail it’s Black Friday Sale.


3: Hair Strengthening/Building Products

Not a single person will disagree with me that beautiful hair with healthy volume is very important for a catchy personality. Buying the five star rated, popular product’s gift box in discount is an ultimate happiness. I will recommend “Hairfinity Experience Box” to indulge yourself or the special someone into an amazing experience.


– Stoori

Review: Stories Of The Prophets Worksheets

Owner of “A Muslim Homeschool” sent me a digital pack of activity sheets for review which are inspired by “Stories of the Prophets” by Ibn Kathir. This set includes a Prophet story board, Prophet fact file, and Prophet timeline activity sheets.

The Prophet story board activity sheet is meant for recording the important events that took place in the story of a specific Prophet, the Prophet fact file to record the facts like their place of birth, family etc while the Prophet timeline sheet to record all the details noted in the previous activity pages.


There is a separate poster and a chart to fill the names of all the Prophets mentioned in the Quran.


She has also added printing instructions and the method for compiling Prophet timeline pages to ensure an excellent finished product.

This activity pack is ideal for homeschooling or classroom use, under the guidance of a teacher as it will help the pupil to learn and discover a lot about the Prophets in a fun and interesting way.

You can buy the whole pack at her website, here

– Stoori