Book Review: My First Surahs

“My First Surahs” is a religious children’s book written by Hajar Ashmawey and published by Prolance publishing.

This book consists of seven short surahs i.e. Surah Al- Fatiha, Surah Al- Ikhlas, Surah Al-Falaq, Surah Al-Naas, Surah Al-Asr, Surah Al-Kafiroon and Surah Al-Sharh with the short lessons that each surah teaches.

It has beautiful art that attracts the children to hold the book and memorize the surahs.

I would totally recommend buying this book for your children as it will be easy for them to memorize some important surahs in this way.


– Stoori

Book Review: Friends Of A Different Kind

“Friends of a different kind” is a rhyming children’s book written by Nayera Salam and published by Prolance publishing.

The book is about a dog named “Chocolate Chum” who has different kind of animals and human friends. The animals he has befriended belongs to various breeds, species and colors. He consider himself a very lucky dog due to his diverse group of friends.

This book is ideal for teaching the young children the importance of diversity and for eliminating racism.

Furthermore, it has interesting crossword puzzle, fill in the missing letters, word search, coloring activity and match the breed activities at the end which will sharpen the mind of the children.

So, what else a child needs? I would totally recommended buying it for your young ones.


– Stoori

Book Review: Did Musa ST-ST- Stutter Too?

“Did Musa ST-ST-Stutter too?” is a motivational children’s book written by Keila Kaci and published by Prolance publishing.

This poetry book revolves around a child named Ibrahimi who makes an excuse to hide from school due to his speech problem. Ibrahimi has to present a speech in front of his whole class but, he is afraid to go to school because he thinks all his class fellows will make fun of him while he stutters during the speech.

His mother, being a wise woman, understands the whole situation and starts to tell him how our Nabi Musa (Prophet Moses) stuttered too but, he was given such a high rank by God. Not only this, but people used to follow his commands.

She further explains that Musa was also given physical strength but, he is known for his call to Allah by his speech.

She also teaches him to recite the dua (supplication) that Musa used to pray.

I love how this book conveys a vast message.

1) A wise and well-educated mother (both religiously and wordly) is very important for the good upbringing of children. A child may have a physical or mental disability but, only a good mother can make a successful person out of him/her.

2) Any person , whether a child or an adult, should never make fun of someone’s disability. Instead, they should encourage the person to do better. Children should be advised to be kind and considerate to their class mates.

3) A disability is not a punishment from Allah, it’s a test and blessed is the one who passes this test through patience.

So, you must know by now, how important is this book for your kid’s bookshelf? 😊


– Stoori

Blessed (or Black) Friday Gift Guide

It’s the end of the year! With the arrival of lots of occasions and holidays, all we can see is blessed (or black) Friday sales as we open the internet. After all, what is better than buying something in discount for yourself or for gifting purpose? Having sale on almost everything we see makes it difficult to choose, specially when you want to buy a gift for someone. So, I decided to make a concise and unique gift guide for you to get benefited from.

1: What Is Better Than A Book!

I love to write and buy books so, the first thing you should expect from me is a book recommendation 🙂
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2: A Unique Card Holder

Of course, being a shopaholic, who doesn’t love to place their credit cards in a stylish card holder? I found “Michael Louis Python Classic Card Holder” really appealing and I would definitely recommend to avail it’s Black Friday Sale.


3: Hair Strengthening/Building Products

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– Stoori