E-Book: The Sealed Fate

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What would you do if the most handsome guy of your university asks for your hand in marriage? Will you feel elated and say yes? Or will you hold back due to your doubts of his piousness? Ajlal opted for the latter choice. Zaafir’s intelligence or looks weren’t sufficient to impress her as the young Muslimah sought someone who took religion seriously. But, a few years down the road, her heart softened towards him. Want to know what was it that sealed their fates? Read this short story by Stoori to find out!

It is beautifully scripted around a young muslim woman who is headstrong in her approach towards her religion, leaving everyone astounded with her rejection to befriend the most desireable boy in university. It also depicts how what meets the eye in terms of a person’s character, may not be entirely true. You may not pay heed to…

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Review: Gathering Petals

“Gathering Petals” by Nabila Ikram is a spiritual journal specially designed for Muslim women who love to be creative and is available through her website.

The journal contains different activities fulfilling of which will not only provide fun, satisfy your desire for creativity, but also will provide a chance to improve yourself and develop a sense of thankfulness to your Creator.

In addition to it, if you’ve not been able to look for some Quranic verses or browse some new quotes, this journal will revive your spirit to do so, so go on…

What could be better than getting your hands on such a fun filled journal with spiritual awakening eventually to kill two birds with one stone 😛

Gathering Petals

– Stoori

Book Review: Miss Never Pleased

“Miss Never Pleased” is a children’s moral story book written by Ayesha Marfani and published by Crimson Cloak Publishing.

The main character of the story is Habiba, who calls herself “Miss Perfect” due to the praise she keeps hearing from her mother followed by other family members because of her good looks, responsible nature and great academic performance.

Everyone listens to her advice despite of being older than her and act upon it.

But the problem is that her “perfect” advice which she thinks is beneficial for others is actually full of criticism, pinpointing and only create problems between people. She keeps noting the incidents of her “perfection” in her diary named “Miss Perfect” until she realizes that she lost the trust of everyone due to her proud, jealous and fault finding nature. No one listens to her advice now and her grades start suffering badly.

The day she finds a secret poem written by the people who endured her becomes a turning point in her life.

© Miss Never Pleased_ by Ayesha Marfani

I really enjoyed reading this book and would totally recommend it as it has a lesson for everyone.

For Children:

It will teach the children that they should never be proud and should be humble despite having exceptional qualities as it will displease the Creator and it would not take much longer that their condition is changed!

It also teaches children that they shouldn’t be jealous of the qualities possessed by others and should not break friendships due to their jealousy.

For Elders:

This book also conveys a special message to the elders that they must not spoil their children to such an extent that they become too proud and insensitive to the feelings of others.

For Readers As A Whole:

Never break ties due to gossips until you know the reality yourself because some people only wish bad for others. Also, use your brain while acting upon someone’s advice.

Miss Never Pleased

– Stoori


An honest review of my book “Love Is Pure” by Zainab Khan 😉




I was honored to do a book review for Stoori. This is Stoori Khan second book and out in the market. You can also order it by inboxing on http://fb.com/stoori.thepoetess or contact ohttps://stoorikhan.wordpress.com/contact on https://stoorikhan.wordpress.com/contact
I fell in love with the words from the very beginning of the book. Perfect rhyming takes you into an imaginary world of love by default. I couldn’t stop reading until the last page. If you consider yourself a busy loveless person then its a must for you. In fact, we all need to have this amazing book, dedicated only to love, in our personal book collection.
These amazing love verses have awakened the love and emotions which I once had and valued more than my breath. At some point, you might think that it’s about women empowerment but very soon you realize that she has emotions too.
Verses from I…

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Review: Stories Of The Prophets Worksheets

Owner of “A Muslim Homeschool” sent me a digital pack of activity sheets for review which are inspired by “Stories of the Prophets” by Ibn Kathir. This set includes a Prophet story board, Prophet fact file, and Prophet timeline activity sheets.

The Prophet story board activity sheet is meant for recording the important events that took place in the story of a specific Prophet, the Prophet fact file to record the facts like their place of birth, family etc while the Prophet timeline sheet to record all the details noted in the previous activity pages.


There is a separate poster and a chart to fill the names of all the Prophets mentioned in the Quran.


She has also added printing instructions and the method for compiling Prophet timeline pages to ensure an excellent finished product.

This activity pack is ideal for homeschooling or classroom use, under the guidance of a teacher as it will help the pupil to learn and discover a lot about the Prophets in a fun and interesting way.

You can buy the whole pack at her website, here

– Stoori

Some reviews of ‘Little Blue Skater boy’


“I loved how this book teaches young children different dua’s (supplications) and it’s importance. Above of all, the lesson that THEY SHOULD NEVER TALK TO THE STRANGERS.I will highly recommend buying this book, especially if you love to buy books which helps in good upbringing of the children.”

— Review by Stoori Khan. Read more here.

“So anyone that knows me, knows how much I love reading books. If a book looks interesting enough (yes, I judge books by their covers sometimes) regardless of genre or even the intended audience, I’d pick up and read.”

— Review by Struggles With My Nafs. Read more here.

“I find it amazing that the author uses different illustrators in her books and they are all beautiful. It shows the hard work she puts into it. Plus her creativity MashaAllah!”

— Review by Fabulously Liberated. Read more here.

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Book Review: Unveiled

“Unveiled” is an exceptionally beautiful poetry book, written by “Rumki Chowdhury” and published by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing.

This book highlights the sensitive matter of hijab and the mentality related to it in a very engaging and detailed way. The contents are divided into four parts, i.e. Mind, Body, Soul and My Hijab Story.

The first three parts being poetry followed by a personal hijab story of the author.

I really enjoyed reading this book and what actually impressed me are the comparisons that are being used to justify the hijabis.

This book can really help in increasing the awareness that hijabs do not limit a woman from performing activities or achieving anything she wants. Totally recommended!


– Stoori