The Essence Of Ramadan

Stoori Khan


As we know, Ramadan is just around the corner and everyone is busy for it’s preparation i.e. Cleaning of the house, grocery shopping etc.

When Ramadan arrives, the female members will be more concerned about arranging menus and cooking a variety of delicious meals for themselves and their family as usual. All these arrangements are fine and totally normal as long as we don’t forget about the essence and the actual purpose of Ramadan i.e. Spiritual, Emotional and Physical purification.

Spiritual purification can be attained by indulging in lots of azkaar, ibadaat, duas and astaghfaar. Make sure that you are not overly exhausted due to meal planning and have some spare time to achieve this goal.
Male members, on the other hand should do the same, i.e. Spare some time and focus on the ibadah and also make sure that they don’t overburden the female members with their demands.


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Author: Stoori Khan

Author, Entrepreneur, Doctor, Poet, Writer, Blogger, Influencer. FB: stoori.thepoetess , Insta: poetess_stoori

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