Book Review: Kamillah-The Butterfly

“Kamillah – The Butterfly” is a beautiful children’s book written by Shoohada Khanom and published by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing.

Kamillah is a caterpillar who, when gets hungry, eats different sizes of leaves and continue to grow. As she grows bigger and bigger, she gets very concerned and asks her friend Bilqis that why is it so? And she answers with tiny grin that soon she will be flying.

I loved the lesson this book teaches to little minds that everything happens at the perfect time, neither too early, nor too late. Growing is a part of life. Besides, Allah has created everyone with different looks and specialities so, every single being is special in their own way.

I would really recommend buying this book for your children as they will learn the beauty of growing, being independent and appreciating the looks Allah has blessed them with.


– Stoori

Author: Stoori Khan

Author, Entrepreneur, Doctor, Poet, Writer, Blogger, Influencer. FB: stoori.thepoetess , Insta: poetess_stoori

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