Book Review: Tales From The Treasure Chest

“Tales From The Treasure Chest” is a beautiful collection of short stories written by Ayesha Marfani and published by Crimson Cloak Publishing.

The book consists of 3 stories.

The first story titled as “Exhortation Valley” is the story of two twins Sara & Saira; the former being a fair beautiful girl is still ungrateful and wishing for more and more things while the latter not as beautiful and fair as her other sister, but a girl with beautiful pastel brown skin is ungrateful of the fact that why she is not as beautiful and fair as her sister?

The second story titled as “Fact Of The Subrogated World” is the story of a bitter relationship between parents & their children where parents always complain that their children never behave or follow their commands while children are fed up of their scolding and wanting them to study.

2 of the children, Zainab and Ahmad decides to plan an adventure for summer and convince their parents to exchange the roles with them as they think being a parent is an easy thing after all, just orders, commands and no rules to follow!

Parents accepts the offer as they want their children to know that being a parent is not as easy as they think.

The third story “Being Human Is Being Everything” is the story of a boy named Abdul Jalil whose father thinks that he can’t do anything good in his life due to inconsistency. Struck by his words, he sets off on a journey to find job, earn money and prove his worth.

What I adore about this book is that it’s wonderful collection of witty stories with moral lessons from which one can learn many things:

1. One should always be grateful and never complain about little shortcomings or what is missing. It could have been worse.

2. Parents should realize that too much strictness may turn their child to hate them, they should be lenient in their commands and orders. Similarly, children should be aware that being a parent is not an easy task and an ultimate responsibility. They should try to follow the rules and regulations to prevent them from distress.

3. Money is not everything in this world. A loving heart and family are everything.Besides, the fair way is the best way.

So, I would really recommend buying this book for your children (as well as grown ups too πŸ˜‰ ) as I think, it’s really a treasure book , worth spending money on πŸ™‚


– Stoori

Author: Stoori Khan

Author, Entrepreneur, Doctor, Poet, Writer, Blogger, Influencer. FB: stoori.thepoetess , Insta: poetess_stoori

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Tales From The Treasure Chest”

  1. Hi! This is really interesting for me to read because I also write book reviews! I loves how we do the same thing but our styles of reviewing are so different! This is a great post! I especially love how you write about the moral lessons within the books and what you’ve learnt from that! Thanks for sharing this post!

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